Samsung Galaxy S10 probably without an iris scanner

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 will not get one of its current functions from the flagship of the company. It’s an iris scanner that was first implemented in the 2016 Note 7 model. In next year’s flagship, the company will get rid of this solution, as reported by the Korean news agency ET News. Smartphones are supposed to have only one biometric function.

Samsung in Galaxy S10 will not introduce another solution that would offer a similar function to the iris scanner. The new flagship is to receive a fingerprint reader on the screen and it will be the only function in the field of biometric options. Others will not be needed.

Samsung Galaxy S10 when the premiere iris scanner

Samsung Galaxy S10 in three versions

As we well know, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be available in three different versions. Recently, a comprehensive Bloomberg report provided us with new information on this topic . There, however, we learned that the cheapest smartphone from all three could not get a fingerprint scanner on the screen. If this happens, it will probably appear on his back. For details, however, we will have to wait.

The iris scanner is a solution on the smartphone market. Samsung Galaxy S10 Wants to Abandon The Solution. What’s not surprising, because the fingerprint scanner on the screen will be enough. By the way, it is a more attractive function in terms of marketing.

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