iPhone Xr just as fast as Samsung Galaxy Note 9 despite less memory

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iphone xr samsung galaxy note 9 comparison reviews

iPhone Xr is a cheaper version of the smartphone from Apple, which finally hit the market. The phone has great reviews and is often compared to other devices. Now PhoneBuff decided to check how the smartphone performs compared to the competitor – the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone.

PhoneBuff decided to check earlier, how will the iPhone Xs behave with 4 GB of RAM and A12 chip compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It has been out of date. Hence the idea to compare the capabilities of the Xr version, which also surprised, despite the much larger discrepancy (3 GB in Xr vs. 8 GB RAM in Note 9.

Initially, as seen in the attached video, the Samsung smartphone was doing much better than the iPhone Xr. It opened applications much more quickly and dealt with it much better. In the second round, however, Apple’s smartphone began catching up with him. The reason was simple – the smartphone simply kept open applications in mind. It turned out that both phones ended their work at the same time. Watch it necessarily in the movie below.

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