Galaxy S9 with Samsung Experience 10 and Android Pie will get a new feature for Always on Display

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Galaxy S9 will be one of the first smartphones of the Korean company that will get the Android Pie system with the original Samsung Experience 10 overlay. We could have seen it on screen shots or video before . Now we get to know another novelty. This time it is related to the Always on Display function.

Always on Display from Galaxy S9, which will introduce the Android Pie system from Samsung Experience 10, will have a new option. It was called “Tap to Show.” It is not difficult to guess, in this way AoD will display information on the screen only after tapping with your finger. How it is supposed to work in reality, you will see in the movie below.

Unfortunately, on Samsung Experience and the Android 9 Pie system, the Galaxy S9 smartphone users will wait a bit. There are still no official beta tests, which will last at least a few weeks. We know that the final version of the software is planned for January at the earliest . Who, however, knows if all this will not drag over time.

We have also recently mentioned to you that thanks to the Samsung Experience 10 for Galaxy S9, the need to use the DeX station for desktop mode will disappear . Simply, it will be like in Galaxy Note 9, where you just connect the phone with a cable to the external screen and voila. Meanwhile, there is nothing else but to wait for more news.

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