Vivo V11 Pro Used by Children at Home? Take advantage of this feature!

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 In mid-September 2018, Vivo introduced Vivo V11 Pro . One thing that is considered to be a selling point of this smartphone is the fingerprint scanner support on the screen. Yes! This is the first official smartphone with on-screen fingerprints coming to the Indonesian market.
But in order to market this artificial smartphone in the Indonesian market, Vivo does not only rely on V11 Pro with the fingerprint feature on the screen. Yes! Vivo V11 Pro also has parenting features, namely Kids Mode .
From its name, it is clear that this security feature aims to limit some of the applications accessed by children. When using the Kids Mode feature, several options such as Anti Addiction can be used to set the time limit for smartphone usage.
Vivo V11 Pro Kids Mode
Not only that, Anti Addiction also makes it easy for users to monitor in detail the use of smartphones in the last one week period. Yes! It can be interpreted this option is very useful for parents to monitor their children who are “hard to escape” from a smartphone.
In Kids Mode, parents are also facilitated to manage what applications will be activated for children, as well as how much internet quota is used every day. This feature is also easy to find on the interface, and can be activated with the Screen Touch ID.
This feature not only makes it easy for parents to introduce smartphones to children, but also maximizes smartphone functions according to the age and needs of children. In addition, parents can also monitor the use of their Vivo V11 Pro to keep it safe from unwanted content.
Another interesting feature that Vivo also loaded into Vivo V11 Pro is Eye Strain Development . This feature can work automatically to adjust the illumination level of the V11 Pro screen that is sprayed. The presence of this feature certainly makes the eyes more comfortable when looking at the V11 Pro screen.

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