Unexpected success: why does anyone buy this Huawei smartphone?

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According to current numbers from Counterpoint, the Huawei P20 Lite was the best-selling smartphone in Germany in July. With 10 percent of the Chinese manufacturer could leave the competition from Cupertino and South Korea behind and at the same time win German buyers for themselves.
One of the reasons for many buyers is likely to be the premium look of the device, which can compete with more expensive devices from other manufacturers. If you do not take a closer look, it might be confused with an iPhone XS at first sight due to the notch on the front and the camera bump on the back .
But the external values ​​continue inside. Thus, the processor has sufficient power for the average user, there is a lot of internal memory, and the dual-camera system is useful in good lighting conditions. As soon as it gets dark, you have to make deductions for the camera. In conjunction with the low pricebut apparently did not deter the buyers. More about this in our review of the Huawei P20 Lite .
Huawei P20 Lite beats iPhone and Galaxy S9
In places two to five follows the expected competition. At 5.4 percent, the iPhone 8 barely beats the iPhone X (5 percent). Since the current numbers come from the month of July, the new smartphones from Apple are not yet included.
In fourth and fifth place are two more Android smartphones in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S9 (4.5 percent) and S9 Plus (4.3 percent). Among other things, the fairly high prices of the competition from Apple and Samsung should have been a reason for many buyers that they have opted instead for the P20 Lite.

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