This teaser reveals the Lenovo Z5 Pro rear camera

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  Lenovo Z5 Pro Slide
Lately, the Vice President of Lenovo has exhibited the Lenovo Z5 Pro which is said to have a slider system to open the function of the installed camera, both front and rear camera. Yes! You could say this smartphone mimic that has been made by OPPO, the OPPO Find X .
Interestingly, the device he introduced was only visible on the front. Of course not a few people are curious about the back. No need to wait long, the leak of the back of the Lenovo Z5 Pro starts to unfold.
Yes! Revealed from a teaser poster circulating on the internet, Lenovo is likely to equip the Lenovo Z5 Pro with four rear cameras . Interestingly, the four cameras are placed in one square and this reminds us of the Huawei Mate 20 Series rear camera .
Lenovo Z5 Pro 4 Camera
As we all know, a number of leaks circulating on the internet also reveal that Huawei Mate 20 Series will have three rear cameras placed in one square. The fourth circle that complements the three cameras is an LED flash.
Clearly, the four rear cameras loaded by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer into the Z5 Pro also have one LED flash. Only, the flash LED is placed in the middle of the four existing camera lenses.
Still from the same poster teaser, below the camera picture is written “AI 4 Shot” . Predictably, the four cameras embedded in the Z5 Pro will be equipped with AI technology. Unfortunately, Lenovo still shut up about this.
Lenovo itself is expected to release this smartphone in October 2018. Of course, from now on not a few gadget lovers will continue to wait for the next leak from the Z5 Pro until the smartphone officially slides into the market.
Lenovo has started to load four rear cameras. Besides Huawei, LG has prepared one “ammunition” which has the support of three rear cameras, namely the LG V40 ThinQ . Of course, in the future there will be a number of smartphone manufacturers who will follow their steps. Let’s wait!

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