Screen and Audio are the mainstay of the Galaxy Note 9 as an entertainment device

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Game
For a long time in front of the smartphone screen, of course, this is a sight that we usually see. Not just checking the timeline on social media or browsing, they are willing to look at smartphone screens for hours to enjoy entertainment, such as watching movies or playing games.
Yes! The two activities that are later mentioned are often encountered. Either a work colleague at our office or family at home. One thing is their purpose, to fill their spare time after being busy with daily tasks that are so crowded.
In fact, a research states that the average Indonesian people spend time on their smartphone about 5.5 hours per day. Yes! Unwittingly, almost 1/4 of us face a smartphone screen.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen
However, many don’t realize that screen and sound are important things to consider when choosing a smartphone. Of course, with a quality screen, our activities are getting higher.
Seeing this, Samsung, of course, in creating smartphones that it developed, including the Galaxy Note 9, does not play games and screens. The Galaxy Note 9 comes with an Infinity Display screen design and a built-in AKG designed audio speaker that produces Dolby Atmos sound.
Used to enjoy entertainment, such as watching favorite movies or playing games, of course this smartphone not only offers excitement, but also comfort. What’s more, with a screen measuring 6.4 inches and a resolution of 2,960 x 1,440, users are more free to enjoy the content of their choice.
In fact, the Galaxy Note 9 by DisplayMate has tested its overall screen capabilities and got an A + value. You could say, Samsung successfully developed this smartphone screen to be able to present quality colors and images.
Plus, with the brightness of the Galaxy Note 9 which is 27 percent brighter and contrasts higher by 32 percent compared to the Note 8, this makes movie and game lovers able to do their hobbies wherever and whenever more comfortably.
The entire mobile activity carried out through the screen and sound will not be perfect without the support of the 10nm processor that is on the Galaxy Note 9. Water Cooling System support also makes users comfortable when using the Note 9 to spend a day.

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