Samsung Galaxy S10 can be deprived of the headphone connector

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Beyond when the premiere of the fingerprint reader on the Samsung Galaxy P1 screen

Samsung Galaxy S10 is created under the name of Beyond, which we know from today . Bloomberg received new information. Three different smartphones are being a cheaper model. So let’s start with just him.

The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S10 is to get a screen with a diagonal of about 5.8 inches. It will however be a flat panel, not curved on the long edges. In this model, do not expect a fingerprint reader on the screen, which is expected to appear in two more expensive variants. Cheaper smartphone is an element of the Koreans’ strategy, who will want to fight for clients in a slightly lower price.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Beyond when the premiere technical specification reviews the headphone connector

Samsung Galaxy S10 will get a 5G modem

At least one of the Samsung Galaxy S10 has to have a 5G modem built in to provide connectivity in next-generation networks. For smartphone manufacturers, it is very important now. The market-leading producers simply have to be ready for the 5G standard, which is really fast approaching. There is also bad information.

Bloomberg also reports that Samsung is testing the Galaxy S10 prototype that are missing the headphone connector. However, there is no certainty that they are for selected projects with new flags in mind. Previous rumors assume that the company will not be able to get rid of the Galaxy Note 10. As it will in fact, we will find out soon.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 also has a triple camera on the back. However, we do not know all versions of the phone. Probably not. In the Bloomberg report, which is also created under the name Winner . There is a screen reader on the fingerprint reader.

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