Resistant! Huawei P20 survives building collapse and draws attention in China

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If you follow the Cell Todo daily, you may have noticed that we always publish tests with smartphones, some of them looking to exploit the resistance of the devices . However, nothing better than day to day to prove the durability of these devices.

This is because a user posted on the Weibo social network an image that shows his Huawei P20 completely destroyed after falling from the 21st floor of a building (approx 50m high). However, to the surprise of many, the smartphone still works normally .

According to the owner, although the screen is completely destroyed, the device turns on, facial unlocking works normally and even WeChat continues to send notifications. Check out a picture that shows the damage to the Huawei device:

As we can see, the P20 even twisted, but this did not completely destroy the device. With the case catching the attention of Chinese users, Huawei ended up commenting on the post . According to the Chinese giant, “it is sad to see such a new device being torn apart.”

The company also advised the device owner to back up their date and take the smartphone with an invoice to a nearest service center. Thus, the Chinese giant says it will ensure the repair of the P20 or a new device to the boy .

How did you find the resistance of the Huawei P20? It was luck Tell us your opinion here in the comments. Also check out our battery test with the P20 Pro .

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