Oppo Find X and F7 removed from the UL Benchmarks database. The manufacturer cheated in tests

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Oppo Find X and F7 were caught in benchmarking, which is the case for Chinese phone manufacturers. UL Benchmarks said on its own site that both models were removed from the list. This is the actual result of the benchmark database.

UL Benchmarks specialists launched a private version of 3D Mark on Oppo Find X and F7. The tests have shown different results. What exactly does it result from? Simply put, smartphones have a hidden performance.

Oppo Find X F7 cheating cheating benchmarks increasing 3D performance Mark UL benchmarks

Oppo told UL Benchmarks that Find X and F7. Simply put, SoC “accelerated” is to the limit. The problem is, however, that it does not work with a smartphone for a dry performance. That is why it is a scam.

Oppo is not the only one, because other Chinese manufacturers also cheat in benchmarks

The truth is that Oppo is not a smartphone manufacturer. Recently, there was a similar case for several Huawei models. This company also uses this mode. However, it has also been proposed. In this case, it has also ended up several phone models from the UL Benchmarks database.

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