IPhone Xs Max Camera Performance Still Lose with Huawei P20 Pro

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   iPhone XS Max
After waiting, DxOMark finally released the results of camera testing entrenched in the body of the iPhone Xs Max . One thing that was quite surprising, DxOMark only gave an overall test score of 105 points.
You could say this smartphone made by Apple is able to beat some existing smartphone, except Huawei P20 Pro . Yes! The Huawei smartphone that was packed with the support of the three rear cameras was still on the top with a test score of 109 points.
As we know, DxOMark evaluates existing cameras based on a combined photo and video performance score. When testing iPhone Xs Max, the overall score generated reached 105 points. This figure is better than testing the iPhone X last year which was only able to score 97 points.
DxOMark iPhone Xs Max
Of the two latest iPhone models that have been marketed, DxOMark only tested the iPhone Xs Max. Of course, it is expected that the capabilities of the iPhone Xs are the same as Xs Max. This is because the camera configuration is exactly the same.
DxOMark also noted that Apple has been able to improve the hardware side associated with camera support on the iPhone Xs Max. Not only that, improvements in the software side are also more visible software.
For photo testing, DxOMark says that the iPhone Xs Max has better zoom performance. Therefore the photo test scores produced are very impressive, which is able to score up to 110 points.
For video testing, Apple’s smartphone is only able to score 96 points. DxOMark considers that the camera on the Xs Max is unstable in terms of the white balance in the room and this is one of its weaknesses.
Outstanding video performance in bright conditions is one of its main strengths. Although this is not included in the scoring system, DxOMark notes that sensor readings made by iPhone Xs Max are still better than compared to other smartphones.
Intrigued by the DxOMark iPhone Xs Max test results? You can read more details through the following link . Of course, we will also be waiting for how the newly introduced DxOMark against LG V40 ThinQ and Huawei  Mate 20 Series will also have three rear cameras

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