HMD Holds Events in Adjacent Time, What Do You Want to Release?

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This weekend, precisely on 4 October 2018 HMD Global will hold an event in London. Furthermore, on October 11, 2018, HMD will again hold an event. Unfortunately, for the second event, HMD still kept the location secret.
Regarding the two events held in the adjacent time period, of course many questions arise. Actually, what smartphone will the Finnish smartphone manufacturer introduce on October 4 and 11, 2018?
Not a few who suspect, HMD will introduce Nokia 7.1 Plus aka Nokia X7. Indeed, the invitation on October 4, 2018 promises “the latest addition to the family of Nokia smartphones” which will be introduced by HMD.
HMD Global Invitations
Even the Nokia 7.1 Plus specification sheet that will be sold on the global market has been revealed by TENAA. Yes! The presence of this smartphone is a strategy that should be carried out by HMD. The reason is, for the previous series, namely Nokia 6.1 Plus so received positive attention from many gadget lovers.
HMD itself is rumored that not only is it busy working on Nokia 7.1 Plus, but is also preparing Nokia 9. Not only that, it is said, HMD is also working hard to work on one “ammunition” which rumors will come as a gaming smartphone.
It is possible that the two smartphones will be the stars on the upcoming October 11 2018 event. Even so, the invitation was only sent to a number of media in India. Another possibility, HMD will indeed formalize to sell Nokia 7.1 Plus there. Let’s wait!

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