Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer / Mi 8 Pro vs Vivo X21: fingerprint reader in the comparison display

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The latest step forward in mobile technology is the adoption of fingerprint readers integrated into the displays. More and more companies are moving in this direction and while on the one hand we have exclusively premium models (like Huawei , with its MateRS) on the other there are companies like OPPO ( Find X and cheaper  R17 ), Vivo and Xiaomi that implement solutions … for everyone. But what are the differences between the various sensors? Let’s try to make a comparison between the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorerand Vivo X21 !

Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer and Vivo X21: what are the differences between the on-board ID sensors?

xiaomi mi 8 explorer editionThese two models lend themselves perfectly to a direct comparison, having the same type of sensor. The Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer presents a Synaptics solution while Vivo X21 is a Goodix module .

In the case of the two companies we are dealing with an optical scanner: the fingerprint is recorded by the sensor and compared with the one stored in the device. If there is a match, the release is done without problems.

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To display the impression correctly, the device takes advantage of the backlighting of the OLED display , which allows you to have a clear image. This is a fundamental step because the backlighting of the classic LCD does not allow this type of operation (although it is rumored that Samsung is at work for a solution in this regard ).

ID sensors in the display compared

As we have also seen during the review , the sensor of Vivo X21 is not exactly a lightning bolt and is not as fast in the release as a rear fingerprint reader (obviously one of those used by the top of the range). To scan the impression, the finger must remain in place for the duration of the operation. In addition to this, the ID sensor also has a certain impact on the battery: the scanner is always active (and therefore also the back-lighting of the display) with a consequent impact in terms of autonomy.

review vivo x21 ud

As for the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer (and the new Mi 8 Pro model ), the Chinese company has implemented a different solution than its rival. This is an improved module, accompanied by a high sensitivity pressure sensor . In a nutshell, when you unlock the device, the time to perform the operation decreases (just a single finger pressure to detect the fingerprint); in addition, the scan is activated only when the finger is placed on the pressure sensor, detail that allows you to not consume battery unnecessarily .

In short, as it is easy to understand, these are two similar modules only in part; Xiaomiseems to have found a way to make his solution even more efficient and this will certainly have an impact on other competitors as well. In the space of a year we are faced with increasingly sophisticated sensors and the next generation will certainly be able to do even better!

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