Xiaomi enters the Guinness World Record thanks to a lot of … light bulbs!

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As fans of the Chinese brand know well, Xiaomi does not only mean quality smartphones and an avalanche of accessories and products that touch on all areas of people’s lives, an ecosystem designed on a human scale ( and child! ) . For Mi Fan, your favorite brand also means “something more” and the feeling is mutual, as evidenced by the many initiatives dedicated to them . And now from India comes a new proof of how unconventional Lei Jun’s company is !

Xiaomi in the Guinness World Record with the “brightest” logo in the world!

Through a tweet on the official profile, we learned that the Indian division of Xiaomi(headed by the manager Manu Jumar Jain ) has reached yet another milestone and this time the sales of smartphones have little to do with it. The company has received official recognition of the Guinness World Record for making … the biggest (mosaic) luminous logo in the world!


It is a huge Xiaomi logo made up of 9590 light bulbs , a mosaic of lights designed to represent both the contribution of the company’s employees and that of the Mi Fan, true responsible for the brand’s success.


Although it is an initiative of the Brand Marketing section it is admirable to see how the Chinese company is constantly looking for new ways to amaze its audience and fans around the world, still with innovative forms of advertising!

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