This is the Price of Some Components of the iPhone Xs Max 256 GB

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iPhone XS Max

Apple has introduced its newest iPhone this year. There are three new iPhone models introduced by Apple, namelyiPhone Xs , iPhone Xs Max , and iPhone Xr . Of the three, of course the iPhone Xs Max managed to steal the attention of many gadget lovers.

Yes! Apple packs the iPhone Xs Max with a larger screen size of 6.5 inches with a resolution of 1,242 x 2,688 pixels. Not to forget, Apple also uses Super AMOLED display technology which is equipped with Super Retina .

But do you know, how much is the price of a number of components that Apple embedded into the iPhone Xs Max? It is estimated, the cost that must be incurred by Apple for a number of components in the smartphone is almost half of the selling price.

As we know, iPhone Xs Max is the latest iPhone Series offered at the most expensive price. It is estimated, this series will attract many people and Apple is also believed to be able to raise a lot of profits.

Related to the storage media variants offered, of course, Apple has to spend a lot of money for larger storage. Even so, Apple managed to save by reducing some 3D Touch components from the screen.

TechInsights analysts have recently tried to dismantle the iPhone Xs Max with 256 GB of storage. After dismantling, TechInsights estimates the total cost for a number of components in this smartphone is worth US $ 443 .

With the price of the 256 GB iPhone Xs Max, which is priced at US $ 1,249, so only 35 percent of the sales price issued by Apple to pay for a number of components. Of course, the remainder worth US $ 806 is not a pure profit achieved by Apple.

The technology giant from Cupertino must also take into account other costs, ranging from employee salaries, advertising, and of course software development. Even so, we must recognize that until the last quarter Apple was the company that had the biggest profits.

TechInsights compares the cost of the iPhone Xs Max component with the iPhone X which launched last year. The newer models and larger screens have a price of US $ 100 higher, but the Bill of Material (BoM) is only US $ 47.56.

Mentioned, there are several prices of components that are almost the same, even including the screen. TechInsights insists the OLED screen on the iPhone Xs Max is bigger, and of course the price will be more expensive. However, it paid off because Apple removed some components related to 3D Touch on the screen.

Therefore, it is estimated that the price of the screen that previously Apple had to pay US $ 77.27 is now US $ 80.50. One of the biggest improvements actually occurs in 256 GB of storage. Estimated TechInsights, this changed before only US $ 45.35 to US $ 64.50.

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