This could be the first phone with 10GB of RAM

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10GB RAM in a mobile phone seems to be a reality reasonable soon, we will believe the Chinese certification agency TENAA. 

They have posted an entry for a new version of Oppo Find X with 10GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, which in the case will be the first mobile phone with two-digit number of gigabytes of fast memory.

For comparison, today’s Find X 8GB RAM, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has 6 or 8GB and latest generation iPhone only 4 (Xs and Xs Max) or 3GB (Xr).

Apple’s phones have managed significantly less RAM in all years, and that’s also the case with the year’s edition. 

– Future protection only 

Our own mobile test Finn Jarle Kvalheim says that increasing the RAM from 8GB to 10 is only about future protection and that it’s a bit like buying a PC with 16GB of RAM and wondering if you really had noticed any difference about it was 20 GB instead. 

– From 4 to 8 GB you can notice differences. If you run many simultaneous apps and use features in your phone that require a lot of RAM, you may run out of space. Then the phone must start clearing space and things are slow. As a rule, Android phones handle this automatically without notice. However, games and apps grow with better hardware under the screen, and then the need for RAM is also increasing. 

– A mobile with 10GB of RAM is probably more future-proof than one with 8GB, but today, 8GB is enough for most people. iPhone has been easier since day one, and it is about optimization and how they handle background activity. Earlier Apple put all apps that did not appear on the screen at a pause, but now there’s a bit more that can be done in the background, says Kvalheim. 

More about the leg? 

Oppo, however, can compete with another Chinese producer, namely Vivo. According to rumors, your future X23 will also have 10 gigabytes of RAM, so it will be a question of who first comes to the market. Asus should also have plans for 10GB of RAM in its ROG Phone , but dropped it, allegedly because they did not physically fit the modules. 

The rest of the specifications on Find X will remain the same, according to Gizmochina , who were the first to report the news. It means a Snapdragon 845-piece, 6.42-inch AMOLED display with 2340 x 1080 resolution. 

Motorized lip 

The most special thing with Find X is probably the screen-free front. Sensors and cameras are indeed hidden in a motorized device that is pushed out on the top of the phone when needed. 

When we tested it, we concluded that Find X was innovative and delicious, but Oppo had jumped over some features we expect to find in today’s top models .

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