The Xiaomi Pocophone F1 – the company subsequently announced two important features

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Although the Pocophone F1 of Xiaomi came out in late August, Xiaomi not only released a couple of weeks ago, which exact version of the fast charging supports and how waterproof it is.

The Pocophone F1 (a detailed review can be read here ) is the phone that may be the most talked about these weeks. Even compared to new iPhones, even though it is even 3-4 times cheaper, enough to talk about its quality and its excellent price and quality ratio. Particularly highlights its power, namely the Snapdragon 845 processor and 6 GB of RAM, and can be compared to the most expensive devices of today. Although it came out at the end of August, Xiaomi just a few weeks later, via Poco India via Twitter, announced that Pocophone F1 supports fast charging technology Quick Charge 4.0 and is water resistant. It’s a little strange that this information is confirmed just a few weeks after the premiere of the device, but better than ever.

The most amazing thing though is that on Twitter it is confirmed that Pocophone supports Quick Charge 4.0 while on official sites(still) it comes with the older Quick Charge 3.0 technology, and also the adapter that comes with the phone supports older technology. What is happening here is not certain, but if it supports better and newer technology than previously announced, it is much better news than it is. The point was somehow explained by Head of Product at Poco on Twitter, who wrote that there was no drastic difference in the charging speed between these technologies, so they did not talk too much about it.

The other news relates to waterproofness. Although Xiaomi / Poco did not boast any IP rating or water resistance when presenting the phone, it is now confirmed that PocoPhone is water- resistant . No official IP rating has been given to him, but from the YouTube tests it could be seen that he could withstand even scolding. However, it may be more sensible to keep it away from the water

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