Series 4: Bigger Apple Watch screen is not fully used yet

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The Series 4 gives its users significantly more display space. However, even Apple does not leave all interesting complications on the dial.

The Apple Watch Series 4 offers a neatly enlarged screen area. Thus, the display of the 44-mm model now represents 448 x 368 pixels – the predecessor packed only 390 times 312 pixels. However, the increased presentation capacity is not optimally used in some places in the operating system. This is particularly true for the two new – designed by Apple for the Series 4 extra – dials.

“Infograph” and “Infograph Modular” allow nine or six different complications. However, users can not freely select them – some popular features are not selectable. So you can currently deposit neither news, nor telephony, Home, “My friends” or the remote app as a complication.

All these allow quick access to the appropriate programs, so you do not have to fight through the app switcher (dock) or the icon view. It is unclear whether Apple complies with these complications in later versions of watchOS – or believes that these complications do not fit Infograph and Infograph Modular.

Furthermore, not all complications of app manufacturers for “Infograph” and “Infograph Modular” have been prepared. These must comply with certain rules, to fit approximately in the upper or lower corners. Apple has detailed details on its developer website – users need to wait for developers to start working on their favorite app.

Elsewhere in the OS, Apple could lend a hand. Thus, the sports app currently shows on the Apple Watch Series 4 despite larger resolution as much content as the smaller Series 3 – five different values. This could also improve with future versions of watchOS.

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