Samsung reinvents gesture navigation with its latest patent

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Samsung is one of the companies that most bet on innovation in its terminals, and that is something that we have been seeing for years with the S-Pen, the iris readers, the curved screens or the heart rate sensor. Samsung wants to differentiate itself from the rest, and the effort is noticeable.

One of the things that continues to differentiate-fortunately-is not to incorporate notch in their terminals, but, on the other hand, the company also sins of not offering the possibility to their mobile users without frames to navigate using gestures. However, Koreans have just patented a navigation system by gestures that we have not seen so far in any terminal.

However, it is very possible that Samsung is not thinking precisely about implementing them on their smartphones, but perhaps on their large tablet, the Samsung Galaxy View, or even on their Smart TV or computers.

And, this way of moving through the interface would be very appropriate for this type of devices that we tend to be much further away than the smartphone. At the end of the day, we better move around the Android TV interface with our arm than with the remote, which we can – and usually – lose at home.

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