Samsung is preparing two new smart phones called the Galaxy P30 and P30 +

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The loudest rumors of how the South Korean giant Samsung is preparing two new smart phones called the Galaxy P30 and P30 +, which will be the first smartphone company with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen.

It is a less accurate and cheaper optical fingerprint sensor, while a more expensive and ultrasonic fingerprint sensor should have the Galaxy S10 flagship company expected by the beginning of next year. Given that the new Galaxy P30 series of devices is becoming more and more frequently reported to assume that their prime is even closer, and accordingly we have come up with some new information about them. The Galaxy P30 and P30 + premieres are expected to be held on October 11th.

The Samsung Galaxy P30 (SM-G6200) will probably come with 64GB and 128GB of internal memory, while the case will be in blue, red, pink and black. It is rumored that the colors on the Galaxy P30 smartphones will spill over. Some speculate that the Galaxy P30 series devices will have LCD screens, however optical fingerprint sensors work only on OLED screens so this information should not be taken too literally. Samsung is known for using the Super AMOLED screen so that the story of LCDs on the Galaxy P30 does not hold water.

It is also rumored that the Samsung Galaxy P30 and P30 + will be officially presented in China, where they will then be sold and sold. There are great chances that this P30 series will not come to the Western market, as they say they are currently less interested in fingerprint sensor devices than in China. Of course, all this is just speculation, but the truth is true only after the company’s official announcements or at the latest at the official premiere.

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