Samsung gives 50 Galaxy S9 to the inhabitants of a town … called “Appel”

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50 inhabitants of the small Dutch town Appel have taken this week to pleasant surprise, when several representatives of Samsung have knocked on their doors to give them to Galaxy S9 to each of them. The initiative of the South Korean firm is part – as can be deduced by the name of the town – of its campaign of advertising war against the creative company of the iPhone.

It is not the first time, far from it, that Samsung puts Apple in the spotlight on their ads. Several weeks ago, we could already see a series of advertising spots that highlighted the benefits of the Galaxy Note 9 at the expense of the iPhone X. Now, however, Samsung goes further and decides that it is the users who can try one of their latest phones completely free, while taking the opportunity to introduce a clear reference to your rival company.

In the video, you can see how Samsung, in several vans loaded with the penultimate high-performance model to join its catalog, goes to the aforementioned town -whose name in Dutch means, effectively, apple- with the aim of surprising 50 of the 312 inhabitants.

Throughout the clip, the inhabitants show their reactions to the cameras when they see their new and brand-new Galaxy S9 . Samsung also says that, to carry out his adventure, he was accompanied by an inhabitant of the town of 18 years old, and a staunch fan of the apple company, who do not know if he will have changed his preferences regarding smartphones is concerned after being part of of this initiative.

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