OnePlus: legal trouble in Europe due to the Dash Charge

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That the Chinese manufacturer is about to use a new name for its fast-charge technology is hardly a secret and yet the consequences of using the Dash Charge brand  in Europe are beginning to be felt.

OnePlus in trouble because of the Dash Charge



The company, in fact, tried to register the name Dash in Europe and in the USA but found itself in the middle of a minefield . On the one hand, Amazon faced – due to the API of the Dash Replacement service  – and on the other Bragi , a European company that produces wireless headsets right under the Dash brand . The latter filed a lawsuit against OnePlus following the use of the Dash Charge brand in Europe but, for the time being, no further details have emerged.

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However it is good to specify that the Chinese company has started the replacement process for the new name Warp Charge , but apparently it seems that Bragi is not going to wait, proceeding through legal channels.

For the moment everything is and we look forward to further developments and a response from OnePlus on the issue.

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