OnePlus 6T without mini-jack: the users turn on Twitter

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A few days ago, the company decided to reveal that the next OnePlus 6T will debut without the headphone mini jack and tried to give a convincing explanation to the users for the reason of this absence. Apparently the fans of the brand did not like it, responding with a veritable troll on Twitter!

OnePlus 6T: fire and flames for a poll on Twitter


The Chinese company has launched a survey via the official Twitter profile, asking what was the favorite feature of the current OP6 flagship . The answers have not been long in coming and the rivers of users have declared to appreciate on everything … the entrance mini-jack 3-5 mm !

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At the same time there have been a lot of criticism about the next OnePlus 6T , comments addressed obviously to the absence of the coveted door for the headphone jack. Fortunately, positive comments were not lacking, with enthusiasts who stressed the convenience of prices and the speed of the Dash Charge technology ( currently at the center of legal problems in Europe ).

But if the discontent is so high, why do smartphone manufacturers keep eliminating the mini jack? The answer, regarding OnePlus , came from the company itself. The absence of this feature (now “obsolete” for the spread of wireless headphones) leaves room to introduce new components; in the case of OP6T it will be the ID sensor in the display , already confirmed by the Chinese company .

The launch of the top of the range would be scheduled for October 17 , so it should not be long before discovering all the news of the device. What do you think of the absence of the mini jack input? Do you consider it a sustainable sacrifice or a very serious lack? Let us know in the comments!

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