OnePlus 6T will debut on October 17th: confirmation from the official leaked invitation

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A few weeks ago we had the confirmation that the new OnePlus 6T will arrive with an ID sensor integrated into the display and on that occasion the first clues about the presentation date arrived. Apparently the company was right in the mood for free spoilers because it seems that the launch event is really set for October 17 !

OnePlus 6T officially confirmed for October 17th!


On Weibo has popped one of the invitations for the event that will be held in India and that shows the date of the offense. Moreover, if what happened with the presentation of the previous OP6 ( May 18 in India and 16 in Europe ) will be replicated , the global launch could take place a few days before!

Whatever the exact date for the arrival of the new OnePlus 6T , there really is very little to get your hands on the top of the range. The company is well ahead of usual (the last OP5T debuted in November ) and the reasons behind this decision are not clear.


According to what has emerged so far, the flagship should present a display with notch drop and arrive with an unprecedented fingerprint reader below the screen; unfortunately nothing triple camera at this ride! Hardware side expect improvements for some components (such as cameras) but the beating heart will almost certainly be the already tested Snapdragon 845 . A separate mention should be made for the big absent, the mini-jack headphones , whose lack has triggered a small uprising on Twitter .

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