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Fourth, it will happen for Apple Watch. This year’s variant is the fourth in the series, and the first with both dramatic new features and a new design that differs … well, not exactly clear from the previous ones. But finer it has become.

Is it enough to pay out from $ 4400 for an Apple Watch Series 4?

First of all, we must start despatching the tiny neighbors. The most exciting feature of Apple Watch is the opportunity to take ECG right at the time. Thus, the watch can actually help reveal it if you have heartbreak that should be checked further.

But the feature does not come here with the first one.

Many postponements in epleland

Currently, the ECG app is only on its way to the United States, if we are to believe Apple. That does not mean that they do not work hard with other countries and potentially also Norway. But rarely, Apple rarely talks about before they are on the move. It should also be said that the United States has not received the function for the time being – it is not expected to be released until December.

Apple has had some bad history with such advance launches lately. Both the original Apple Watch and the charger they announced last year were delayed. The latter, we still know nothing about when comes, one year after they first began to talk about it. Also, the HomePod speaker slips a bit for the giant company.

If you ask me, the likelihood of postponement of ECG function in the United States also seems to be fairly high. So maybe we should not be so unhappy that they have not promised it for Europe or Norway yet.

At the same time one can only cheer on such a function; It can change the lives of many users – and such an assertion is not everyday.

What we get after all

A clock with a new design and a 30 percent larger screen is the most important. Increased speed on everything that happens on the screen is also an important element. The world has moved relatively slowly to the smart clock front in recent years, with Apple being one of the few “super powers” that prioritized the form factor.

And the big screen is absolutely noticeable in this calculation. The little apple bell now has a display that roughly equals the largest of the old ones. While the largest of the new ones is perceived to be significantly greater than before. It is definitely an advantage. Especially for those like me who have big sausage fingers; I often pressed the wrong mistake on the old one and the new cutter drastically in the wrong momentum from the first moment.

Another news is the haptic feedback you receive from the digital crown, ie the vibrator on the side of the clock. First, it must be said that the vibrations definitely help to make the clock feel a little more mechanical. But some flawless job in tricking me does not.

If we compare with the digital home button on the iPhones that had it, Watch Series 4 comes short. I always had to stop up if the iPhones with this solution ran out of power; My button does not work anymore. It felt as if the whole phone was defective because the button obviously did not enter when it was pressed. In reality, it has never moved, but the phone has been good to trick me.

Equally good is not Apple Watch, although the solution adds a useful feedback.

Faster and with (slightly) renewed menus

For the most part, the menus are the same as they were in Watch OS4, but some minor changes have occurred. Photo: Finn Jarle Kvalheim,

Watch OS 5 is the name of the new Apple Watch operating system. Apple talks about it as if it was a big news, while it is in fact a polished version of what we know – with some important new features. A bit like iOS 12 against iOS 11, so – no revolution, but definitely improvements we want.

And as it sounds, it should be a clock, it’s the most important newsagents. The new Infographs are presented with durable amounts of data in an intelligible and accurate manner. I have usually used the Modular dials on Apple Watch, to get the most information possible. It has looked okay, but never as nice as this.

Nor has there been room for as much information. Nicer and more comprehensive at one time, ie.

A cross between Infograph and the old modular url can also be found. It can be set up with a little more focus on a central piece of information – such as your activity or pulse variations over time.

Since digital dials can be called “dumbbells” on smart bells, it’s impossible to get away from the face when it’s in use. It makes a big difference to the benefit and the pleasure you have of the clock if these dials present things in a good way, or if they have the right information. And these new ones from Apple really raise the impression of Watch.

Clocks showing liquid metal, smoke or flame in an overt room are also available. They are great to watch and new of the year. But they are not very useful and do not present much more information than what time it is. A fancy way to spend a little bit of battery life, in other words.

Most of the new watches are included in WatchOS 5 any time model, but the large Infograph dial was nowhere to be found on our Series 3 after upgrading. Here, it seems that Apple requires the larger screens in Series 4 to allow the feature.

In addition, there has been support for Podcast listening right from the clock. There are probably a lot of watchers waiting for it – after all, it’s been possible to listen to music right from the clock so why not download online radio?

The new walkie talkie feature is also fun and works remarkably fast and stylish. Here’s the apparent direct contact between two clocks. Touch and hold the screen while you’re talking. A moment later, the recipient hears what you read. If, first of all, I felt like Dick Tracy or as Santa Claus Rudolf where I stood by my nose at the time while reading messages like “Jaja Je Coco Jambo” to my patient boss to be untrue. But it was good at all, and it worked well, although sound quality was not always the best in his Watch Series 3 end.

Now it’s high time with a bigger battery

We need to talk about battery. Apple still provides 18 hours as the time an Apple Watch will last. And even with a little use and a little activity it lasts longer than that, according to my experience.

But 18 hours is still not a battery age someone in the world should brag about. It is only sufficient. When Fitbit, Garmin and Samsung work out for a week’s duration in their products – or three to four days with a little use – Apple customers still need to charge each evening to be sure to get through tomorrow.

That Apple has built an ECG, or boasts how many parts the digital crown consists of, is okay. And give us all the ECG function – because it’s revolutionary in its own way, even if it’s not the first in an over-disk product, as Apple says.

But how useful it will be to be able to check if the heart beats properly with its watchwrist; One thing that for many just contributes to the fact that it is not correct is bad night’s sleep for a long time. With a dings that last for 18 hours per load, you can not track your night sleep – it’s time to spend time. So, sleep history that’s easy to measure, and so important, get from somewhere else.

Conclusion and alternatives

Apple Watch Series 4 is a natural continuation of Apple’s clock travel. And they have done many nice upgrades on the clock. It is appreciated by both the extra screen size and a slightly flatter profile on the wrist. That Apple is so forward-looking that they build in proper health features such as ECG are also exciting – while it is all the more disappointing that access will not be available in the US and in Norway until December. Maybe the Americans will get it.

The biggest downside here is and will be battery life. And even though it has not been worse than before, competitors have been significantly better since last. After wasting some of these bells, we have also become a little skeptical about Apple’s failure to run sapphire glass over all the bells – the hardened Ion X glass on the Sport Edition can withstand a lot, but not nearly as much as sapphire glass.

The fact that the eSIM version is also missing in Norway, more or less while Samsung thunder into the market with its Galaxy Gear – exclusively with eSIM, and between four and seven days of battery life, makes Apple Watch Series 4 not a recommendation without reservation.

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