iPhone XS Max 256GB foreign media: cost price $3,460

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Recently, a foreign technology website dismantled the new iPhone XS Max and calculated the total cost price of the mainframe according to each part. They found that a 256GB iPhone XS Max cost about $443 (about HK$3460), and the cost of three parts is half of the total cost.

After dismantling an iPhone XS Max 256GB model, the foreign technology website Techinsights estimated the total cost price with different parts in the machine. Among them, the cost of OLED screen panels is the highest, reaching $80.5, followed by the A12 bionic processor, which costs $72. And the iPhone XS Max comes with a 4GB memory price of $64.5. The above three parts have accounted for nearly half of the total cost.

Techinsights also analyzes the cost price of other parts separately:

Architecture Parts $58 
Lens $ 44 
Assembly Material $24.5 
Signal and RF Transceiver Components $23 
Communication and Sensing Components $18 
Power Management and Audio Components $ 14.5 
Battery $ 9 
Other Electronic Components $ 35

According to Techinsights, the US market for a 256GB iPhone XS Max is priced at US$1,249, at a cost price of US$449 (approximately HK$3,460), which accounts for approximately 35.4% of the price (the same model iPhone Hong Kong price is HK$10,799, discounted cost price) The proportion is about 32%).

Of course, the cost of a smart phone, in addition to the cost of the hardware itself, also calculates the cost of mobile phone development, software development, sales, transportation and so on. Hardware costs are only a fraction of the overall cost.

Source: Techinsights

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