IPhone 6 / 6s monopolizing Geo 1st to 9th Used in August 2018 Used smaho sales ranking

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Geo announced the second hand smartphone sales ranking of August 2018 (August 1 – August 31) handled at 1300 Geo Shops nationwide on September 28.

PhotoSecond-hand smartphone sales volume ranking (total)

 ”IPhone 6″ and “iPhone 6S” occupy 1st to 9th in the top 10 of the overall ranking, and the largest number of units sold was au’s “iPhone 6 (16GB)”. The 16 GB model of the iPhone 6 is a reasonable price of 10,000 yen, while the iPhone 6/6 S 64 GB model is considered to be a popular factor due to the increase in users who purchase terminals with large storage capacity for various applications, photos, movies etc. . Also, Softbank’s “Xperia Z3 401 SO” was ranked in 10th place.

 IPhone 6 / 6s is also the center of selling in the rankings by carrier, and NTT docomo has a tendency to demand Android such as Xperia because iPhone entry has been delayed. iPhone 7 also gained popularity in au and SoftBank.

 In addition to this, the company implemented “Questionnaire survey on iPhone” in accordance with the launch of the new iPhone to 9664 GAOPRIP members. The first iPhone model currently in use is “iPhone 7”, 15% answered “I want” iPhoneXS / XS Max. In the next replacement, 54.9% want to use the iPhone, while 35% of the total is “less than 30,000 yen” when buying the iPhone second hand.

Photo15% answered “I want” iPhoneXS / XS Max

 The company implemented “Geo’s purchase campaign” up to December 31 to increase the purchase price of the iPhone by up to 10,000 yen. We also handle cheap SIMs.

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