Huawei: Kirin 980 chip is stronger than Apple A12 7nm process 

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The new iPhone uses the A12 bio-chip, which has a strong single-core computing power, which makes many users shine. But Huawei, which also uses the 7nm FinFET process to make new chips, said that the upcoming Kirin 980 will have better computing performance than the A12 bionic processor.


A few days ago at the Dubai conference, Huawei said that they are full of confidence in the product, Kirin 980 will perform better than the A12 processor. In terms of architecture, the Kirin 980 is designed with a core architecture of “2 + 2 + 4”. The system uses two arm Cortex – A76 cores to operate at 2.6 GHz and with two other Cortex – A76 operating at 1.92 GHz. The core, along with the remaining four Cortex-A55 small cores, works with the arm Mali-G76 GPU and dual-neural processing components.

Apple’s A12 processor uses a 6-core CPU and a 4-core GPU, along with second-generation neural network processing components. Because the Mate 20 with the Kirin 980 officially debuted on October 16, it can only be directly compared with the single core performance of GB 4. The A12 chip has 4,800 points and the Kirin 980 scores only 3,360 points. However, if you want to make a comprehensive comparison, you have to leave Mate 20 officially launched before you can compare it.

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