Honor Magic 2 coming with a graphene battery … and it does not end here!

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The first smartphone slider of the Chinese company, Honor Magic 2 , may have no more secrets, at least in appearance. The device made its debut at IFA 2018 where some features were unveiled; for the rest of the details there was no lack of rumors and rumors(even with regard to the technical details ), but it seems that the top of the range still hides some tricks up its sleeve.

Honor Magic 2 will mount a graphene battery for high performance


The VP of Honor  Xiong Junmin has unveiled yet another feature of the new flagship, coming before the end of 2018 (we still do not have an official date for the launch event). According to the manager, it seems that Honor Magic 2 will debut with a graphene battery on board , an ideal solution both in terms of resistance and from the point of view of the conduction of heat and electricity.

It is a particular material consisting of a monoatomic layer of carbon atoms, arranged in a honeycomb pattern. The major hi-tech manufacturers are working on this technology, including Huawei and Samsung . The tests carried out by the Chinese company have shown how the mobile devices based on graphene batteries are able to press on the accelerator with “increased” performances up to 40%, without negative consequences for the device itself.

Honor Magic 2

As for Honor Magic 2 , we know that it will be accompanied by a fast charge up to 40W ; nothing excessively “scary”, but graphene could represent an extra safety.

To conclude with a flourish ,  Xiong Junmin  stressed that the new graphene technology will not be the only surprise we’ll see with the top of the range! In short … those who have more or so!

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