Foreign media: Some iPhone XS/XS Max completely excludes Samsung and Qualcomm chips and replaced them with Toshiba and Intel.

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Samsung is one of Apple’s main competitors, and both parties have filed lawsuits against a number of patent issues. The foreign media iFixit found that on some iPhone XS phones, the parts of Apple’s main rivals such as Samsung and Qualcomm were completely excluded. Foreign media refers to Apple’s efforts to reduce the impact of major competitors on its products.

Reuters quoted iFixit’s latest iPhone XS/XS Max disassembly. In addition to discovering that mobile network modems use Intel-made products instead of Qualcomm, Samsung’s verticals could not be found anywhere else. iFixit means that both DRAM and NAND memory chips use Micron and Toshiba products. In the past, the disassembly of the iPhone 7 found that the host used Samsung’s DRAM chip, but it was not found in the disassembled iPhone XS/XS Max.

Other companies involved in providing parts include Skyworks, Broadcom, Murata, NXP, Cypress, Texas Instruments, ST Micro, and others.

iFixit does not specifically mention the producer of the screen, but it has been previously reported that the screen used by the iPhone XS/XS Max will be provided by Samsung and LG. Some analysis means that because the parts of Apple products are purchased from different suppliers in the supply chain, the above analysis results need to be interpreted with great care.

Dismantling the original report (ifixit):

Source: Reuters

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