Focus on smart HDR! Check from 8 points “iPhone XS” Evolution of Camera

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Even this year (2018), the new iPhone was successfully released. That’s a good thing.

 What is different from the past is that the camera performance of the standard model and the large screen model, that is, “iPhone XS” and “iPhone XS Max” are exactly the same .

 Until now, since the large screen model (ie Plus) was differentiated from the dual camera, the one not so different from the single camera, we had no choice but to choose a large screen model if we aim for “the highest camera performance” Even though it was OK anyway this time.

 Therefore, I bought iPhone XS. “When it is said that it is better to have a better screen when viewing and watching!” No sound is coming out, but I chose the smaller one because it’s a size that you can take with one hand. I used “iPhone X” for one year, I liked this size feeling.

 So, let’s see how iPhone XS features on the camera side divided into the first part and the second part. This time is the first part. We will check the angle of view and the effect of “Smart HDR”.

iPhone XS

Although it does not look much different from the appearance … …

 The iPhone XS camera is almost the same as iPhone X.

 The out-camera is a dual configuration of “wide angle + telephoto” arranged vertically, both with optical vibration reduction. Just watching the surroundings, I think I can hardly understand the difference.

iPhone X and XS

 As a target of comparison, in addition to iPhone X, we also wish to appear on the previous dual camera model “iPhone 7 Plus”, Taking a total of 3 models and checking the features of the iPhone XS camera by point by point I will go.

 Well, how far is it evolving?

Compare target

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