Experts have figured out how much the iPhone XS Max really is worth

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The recently announced flagship iPhone XS Max has received not only top-notch hardware but a record price well above its predecessor’s predecessor’s $ 999 limit. The Apple news US needs to give from $ 1 099 to $ 1 499 Release – regardless of the memory capacity, the amount of remains of four digits. TechInsights experts have decided to calculate the price of the new smartphone components to determine how much Apple’s product is really worth.

At the moment, the most popular version has 256 GB of internal memory. Experts have figured out that Apple’s production costs for this device are $ 443 – compared with last year’s iPhone X, the new product has actually risen in price by just $ 50.

TechInsights experts call the most expensive iPhone XS Max component an OLED screen, which is currently priced at around $ 80.5. The chipset, including the Apple A12 Bionic processor, costs nearly $ 72. For the 256 GB storage device installed, it requires $ 64, and the glass body costs $ 58. Another $ 44 is spent on camera set.

© Stopcatcher Related Articles: Apple has claimed that it is the strongest glass in smart history: the first iPhone XS Max tests show something else (83) Announced iPhone Xs prices for Lithuanians: not even two average salaries (461) It’s worth taking into account that $ 443 is needed only for smartphones themselves at no additional cost.

Creating a new version of iOS , logistics and, last but not least, advertising all require investment that TechInsights does not take into account in its research. But even with all the cost of production, Apple clearly does not survive without profit. The company earns more from its smartphones than any other market participant put together. This is to be seen from the report of the research firm Counterpoint on the state of the smartphone market in 2018.

in the second quarter. First of all, analysts have calculated the share of profits from different brands in sales. Apple remains the most successful smartphone maker on the market. The release of the more expensive iPhone X company has significantly increased the average sales price of the device in the second quarter, when the smartphone market has become more expansive.

Compared to last year, the US corporate income dropped a bit, but it still earns more from its smartphones than all other brands together – Apple’s up to 62% of the total cake! © Stopcatcher Samsung’s second-largest source of revenue has fallen by 21% over the year. Analysts explain this weak Galaxy S9’s sales in the second quarter of 2018 – 24% less than Galaxy S8 sales last year.

During the year, Huawei increased its profit by 107%, earning 8% of all smartphone sales. In the rating below, the brands owned by British company BBK Electronics are OPPO (5%) and Vivo (4%). Sixth place went to Xiaomi with a 3% lead in the second quarter of 2018 , but the manufacturer’s profit rose 747% a year!

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