Confirmed: The BMW i3 2019 gets a new and bigger battery

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Rumors seem to have voted . BMW currently announces that they update the BMW i3 with new batteries at 120 hours or 42.2 kWh gross capacity. 

It’s a solid jump from today’s 33 kWh battery, but still well behind competitors such as Hyundai Kona Electric and future Kia Niro Electric, both of which have 64 kWh batteries. 

310 kilometers of WLTP 

The new battery should physically be as large as before, but weighing more than 10 kg more. However, the capacity has increased from 33 to 42.2 kWh. Photo: BMW

The new i3 battery provides a range of up to 310 kilometers according to the WLTP standard, up from 255 kilometers on today’s edition. BMW claims that the car should keep 260 kilometers in regular use, 30 percent more than before. 

The battery weighs 10 kilos more than before, but is otherwise physically the same, so the car is unchanged outside. The new battery will be available on both the regular i3 and the more sporty i3s. 

Otherwise, the performance figures remain as before: 170 horsepower, 250 Nm torque and 7.3 seconds from 0-100 for i3 and 184 horsepower, 270 Nm and 6.9 seconds for i3s. 

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The “suicide doors” and four seats are still the melody for the BMW i3. However, the color is new. Photo: BMW

New color, adaptive LED light 

The car also receives a new color scheme, called Jucaro beige metallic, with the possibility of matching interior. The 2019-i3 also offers adaptive LED driving lights with automatic reversal of the main-beam headlamps for reverse traffic.

The car also supports wifi hotspot and a wireless mobile phone panel, as well as support for three-phase charging (11 kW) has become standard equipment. This was previously an option. With 11 kW charge, it will take around four hours to charge the battery from zero to full. 

However, speed loading is still limited to 50 kW, while many new cars today support 100 or 150 kW. 

Production will start in November, and BMW announces that the price will start at $ 309,000 plus shipping and delivery. It’s a little 17,000 kroner more than the current version, but with 11 kW loading as standard. i3s starts at 344 900 NOK plus shipping and delivery. 

The cars can already be ordered from Norwegian BMW dealers, writes BMW in a message. 

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