Apple stirs up the production of its new clock

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With larger screens, groundbreaking health technologies and eSIM , it’s no wonder people flock to Apple to secure a copy of Apple Watch Series 4 .

In fact, demand is so great that the capacity is blown up at the factory that merges the bells. Therefore, one factory is ready for Apple Watch production, reports Taiwanese Digitimes . It is expected that the new plant will be in full swing during November.

This should make sure that the clock finds the way to even more before or during Christmas.

Today, Apple sees delivery times of three to four weeks at a time – and it’s here in Norway, where we do not get the eSIM edition and the heftiest healthcare facilities are not yet in place.

A small revolution

Viewed against the previous generation Apple Watch, Series 4 is a solid upgrade. Yes, in fact, we can call it a small revolution considering it can take ECG that can detect heart flare and constant monitoring of possible arrhythmias – and all this in a little clock.

There are simply no other devices like this on the market, and given the health focus in certain parts of the world, it’s no wonder that there are more people who could think of such an arm.

With its new Watch, Apple has simply expanded the market to a whole new customer group, the older ones.

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