Apple beats Samsung: iPhone XS Max conquers top spot in supreme discipline of Galaxy smartphones

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iPhone XS Max has the best smartphone display ever

The iPhone XS Max enjoys great popularity – at least for buyers with thick wallets. The high price could be justified, however, because the DisplayMate screen specialists have awarded the largest Apple phone a very significant award. Accordingly, the iPhone XS Max has the best ever display in a smartphone. The award Samsung should like a punch in the pit of the stomach occur. Just a few weeks ago, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 received this award – and now has to give in to the worst competitor.

Apple has improved the OLED display of the iPhone XS Max compared to the iPhone X in every way. The larger, 6.5-inch diagonal OLED panel has higher brightness, better contrast ratio, higher image sharpness, extremely good viewing angle stability, and very well-functioning automatic color management. Furthermore, the reflections of the screen were reduced. At 4.7 percent, the iPhone XS Max achieves one of the best scores DisplayMate has ever measured in this discipline. Thus, the iPhone XS Max in almost every situation should be very easy to read and hardly have any disturbing reflections.

DisplayMate: iPhone XS Max with top grade A +

And so it is not surprising that the iPhone XS Max receives the top rating A +. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has recently received this note, the Apple phone is in a better but still slightly better, surpassing Samsung thus in the past supreme discipline of the company. Of course this is not good, the iPhone XS is just in some areas, looking for the brightness, a little better.

iPhone XS Max: Display from Samsung or LG?

While Samsung has delivered the OLED display for iPhone X in the past year, the new XS generation is not completely clear which panels are in which smartphone. Allegedly, Samsung continues to deliver the OLED display of the iPhone XS while the iPhone XS Max uses LG display. Apple optimizes the screens in addition to the perfect display for their own needs. What do you say to the results?

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