A bag of TKDN Certificates, the Latest iPhone is For Sale Officially

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   iPhone XS dan XS Max

Apple on September 12 2018 has introduced three new iPhone models, iPhone Xs , iPhone Xs Max , and iPhone Xr . The two models mentioned at the beginning, iPhone Xs and Xs Max are already on sale, while the new iPhone Xr will be sold at the end of October 2018.

Apple at the launch event also mentioned that the sale of two new iPhone models, namely the iPhone Xs and Xs Max will be divided into two waves. The first wave covers 30 countries, where pre-orders begin on September 14, 2018 and are available on September 21, 2018.

While the second wave, Apple will target 29 countries, where availability of devices is scheduled for September 28, 2018. Again and again, the name of Indonesia is not on the list of the two waves. Neighboring countries that have sold the latest iPhone are Singapore.

Apple Indonesia TKDN

The question arises, when will the three iPhone models from Apple enter the Indonesian market? No need to worry, it looks like the three premium smartphones enter the Indonesian market soon. This can be seen from the Indonesian Ministry of Industry Ministry of Industry’s Increased Use of Domestic Products (P3DN) .

Recorded on the site, TKDN certification for the three latest iPhone models has been given to PT Apple Indonesia . Issued on September 27, 2018, the certification has number  586 / ILMATE / TKDN / 9/2018 .

For iPhone Xs and Xs iPhone Max, each inscribed with the model A2097 and A2101 . While the iPhone Xr model has the A2105 model . All three of which are listed as cellular phones also have a domestic content level of 30 percent .

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