5 years to buy Note 9? Fortress X 3 Hong Kong X WeLab push installment loan service

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Buying a phone with installments is believed to be a common method used by many users to buy new machines. Today, Changhe announced that it will work with online lending company WeLab to provide instalments and loan services to customers in Hong Kong and Fortune. When customers purchase new mobile phones at the above-mentioned stores, they can enjoy the installment payment and loan services. With the “0 machine price”, they can also withdraw 2 times the value of the whole order, and they can enjoy up to 60 months. paragraph.

If the user uses the relevant plan to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at “0 price” and share the 60-month repayment, it only costs 353 yuan per month. If you withdraw 6,000 yuan in cash at the same time, the monthly expenditure will be raised to 501 yuan, and the annual interest rate will be 18.89%. If you purchase a 512GB iPhone XS Max in 60 months, you will need a monthly contribution of 308.4 yuan.

According to Chang Jian and deputy managing director Huo Jianning at the press conference, the project was designed by him personally. After the customer arrived at the store in person, it only took about 5 minutes to provide the ID card number and bank account. In general, credit card installment contributions can only be provided for a maximum of two years, and it is difficult to provide 60-month installment services. The founder of WeLab, Long Peizhi, also pointed out that the interest rate of most credit card loan services in the market after two years was more than 30%.

Huo Jianning continued, referring to the plan for young consumers, the future will be “step by step” to expand the service to other brands.


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