Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will have back sliding to prevent notch on the screen

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Some manufacturers have resorted to notch to reduce the size of the edges of the screen, reserving space for the front camera. The Oppo Find X has shown that it is possible to avoid this slot using a retractable camera. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Honor Magic 2, announced at IFA 2018, are following suit. Is this the next trend in smartphones?

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Xiaomi President Lin Bin posted the first official image of Mi Mix 3. It features a nearly borderless screen, and a double retractable front camera, most likely to blur the background. There are few details; the device should only be released in October.

The entire back of the Mi Mix 3 will be slid to show the camera. Meanwhile, in Oppo Find X , you need to lift only part of the rear – a module that is opened and closed by an actuator.

In Mi Mix 3, the speaker is next to the cameras, but you do not have to slide the back to hear your connections: the audio goes through a slot at the top of the screen.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix , Mi Mix 2 and Mi Mix 2S are known for their very thin edges on the sides and at the top. They all have a “chin” to accommodate the front camera at the bottom edge. With the Mi Mix 3 sliding mechanism, this will no longer be necessary.

Honor Magic 2

This will not be the only retractable smartphone. Honor, a sub-brand from Huawei, announced the Magic 2 with a sliding mechanism to hide the front camera. It’s something closer to Oppo Find X, and allows the screen to occupy almost 100% of the front.

Honor calls this “Magic Slide” mechanism. The Magic 2 will also come with Kirin 980 processor (not yet officially announced). It will also be released in October, when we will know its full specifications.

In June we saw that the Chinese Doogee developed a prototype called Mix 4 , with a sliding back and almost borderless screen. And we could not forget the Vivo NEX : it has retractable front camera, which goes up only when it is needed.

The notch has been adopted by several companies, but some – like Samsung and Sony – still resist. Chinese manufacturers went ahead with their sliding smartphones; will this become a trend?

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