Priced Lenovo Yoga 530 at 549 Euros, Suitable for Startup Workers

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Lenovo Yoga 530 1

Again enlivening the middle-class laptop market in the Indonesian market, Lenovo presents a multimode Yoga laptop, the Lenovo Yoga 530 . The laptop that is powered by AMD Ryzen processor has also been equipped with fast battery charging, aka rapid charging and AMD Radeon Vega graphics chip .

The embedded AMD Ryzen processor is AMD Ryzen 5 2500U which has 4 cores and 8 threads. In fact, Lenovo claims thanks to the support of the processor, the Yoga 530 is capable of running a variety of workloads of multitasking, games that are more interactive, and multimedia.

Another plus, the Yoga 530 laptop has also combined multi-threaded processing technology with AMD Radeon Vega graphics cards. That way, this laptop also has the ability to run a variety of productivity and content applications more smoothly.

Lenovo Yoga 530 2

The AMD Ryzen processor that is the brain of the Yoga 530 itself has also adopted AMD SenseMI , the latest Precision Boost 2 technology that can accelerate processor performance in working with one to many cores.

Not only that, this AMD Ryzen mobile processor also targets an increase of up to 2 times the battery life. That is, the power supply inside the Yoga 530 body can operate with long battery life.

If you talk about design, the Yoga 530 can be said to be a premium laptop that has a thin and very light body. Its surface body is made of aluminum and this laptop can be used in four modes, namely laptops, tents, tablets or stands .

Yoga 530 screen measuring 14 inches . Because the bezel is thin, making the dimensions of this device like a 13-inch laptop. The resolution is FullHD aka 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and uses IPS technology with a brightness level of 250 nits .

Lenovo also supplies this laptop with Harman-Kardon speakers enriched with Dolby Audio Premium. As a flexible device that suits you millennials who work in the startup industry, the Yoga 530 has a battery that has a durability of up to 8 hours .

Another attraction is support for fast battery charging, aka rapid charging. Only within 15 minutes of charging, the installed battery can be used up to 2 hours. Completeness of the port, Yoga 530 is equipped with USB-C and USB 3.0 .

This laptop also has an NVMe SSD as a data storage medium that can accommodate from 256 GB. Embedded RAM is 8 GB DDR4 (dual channel) . Available in Onyx Black , the Lenovo Yoga 530 with AMD Ryzen processor is priced at Rp . 11.8 million .

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