Positive, this is the Prediction of the Next Year’s Latest iPhone Sales

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As revealed through several leaks that appear on the internet, Apple will release three new iPhone models this year. All three models are the 6.5-inch iPhone , 5.8-inch iPhone and 6.1-inch iPhone . Two models will be packaged with OLED screens, while the rest will be LCD screens.

A recent report from 9to5Mac states that the iPhone trio is expected to return to creating a positive wave. Yes! An analyst said that the three iPhone models are expected to continue to be successful in sales for the next 18 months.

The same thing was also mentioned by GBH Insights which reported that it was estimated that the sale of the latest iPhone would touch the number of 350 million units for the period. This can happen because Apple offers iPhone diversity to its customers.

Admittedly, last year’s iPhone sales were sweet. Even so, Apple has not been able to convince its customers to upgrade. The reason is, the iPhone 8 offered doesn’t change much compared to the iPhone 7 . While the iPhone X has a price that is still considered too high.

However, with the arrival of the latest iPhone this year, Apple is expected to be able to offer a premium version of plus size, there is also a normal alias standard, and “budget smartphone” . Of course this is a temptation that cannot be avoided by those who want to upgrade their old iPhone.

So, which country is expected to contribute the most to Apple in the sale of this new iPhone? It is estimated that consumers in China will compete to buy the latest iPhone that appeared this year.

Up to now there are more than 100 million iPhone users in China. Well, around 60 to 70 million of them are expected to “mature” with the device in hand. For this reason they are expected to upgrade their old iPhone to the latest iPhone that appeared this year.

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