First Look at BlackBerry KEY2’s Little Brother KEY2 LE

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If you can not do without the physical keyboard but you do not want to pay too much for KEY2, then your KEY2 LE comes up.

The BlackBerry made it clear that KEY2 is a successful device. In just a few months, the phone is able to sell globally, and the fact that they are successful and receive positive feedback is also supportive. But many people are not very willing to pay $ 650 for a physical keyboard. If you do not have enough budget for KEY2 and the physical keyboard is a must for you, the BlackBerry has a solution for you: KEY2 LE.

KEY2 LE is a plastic copy of the original phone – but much more attractive.

As its name implies, KEY2 LE offers a familiar dimension and design. However, the device has changes that will be immediately felt when the $ 399 price tag is taken as a consequence. The whole phone is made of plastic, but this is not as sleazy as the plastic used by Samsung in 2013. It looks and feels like a brushed metal remotely, making the phone 12 grams lighter than KEY2.

The BlackBerry also aims for a younger audience with this phone, giving up the black design for business people, bringing different color options. Options like blue-green, champagne-black and red bring a different feeling to the phone.

One of the sacrifices made to cut the price is the keyboard. But you do not have to be too sad because the device is just a little smaller and there is no key that you can control by touch. Apart from these, everything is the same.

BlackBerry KEY2 LE Features

The device, powered by the Snapdragon 636 platform, is accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and 32/64 GB of memory. While the battery is 3000 mAh, it supports Quick-Charge 3.0 technology with USB-C. Next to the 13 megapixel rear main camera is a 5 megapixel secondary camera, which helps the phone in portrait mode. The other features of the phone, on the other hand, are identical to KEY2: DTEK, power saving mode, Convenience Key and others.

Despite all of this, today we can find many smartphones with better features under $ 400. So the question of whether or not the physical keyboard will touch these prices is entirely your choice.

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