ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE - Another manga on android in which you immerse yourself in a world full of pirates and play you will be for one of them.And there where pirates, there treasures, adventures and boundless sea depths. Dive with protracted battles with opponents and other treasure hunters.You can play for some kind of Gold Roger, who once ate a miracle fruit and turned into a rubber man, and what became of him later, you can see in the game itself.
As a result, a colorful shooter with RPG elements was created, which was created based on the comic book of the same name. That will allow each player to feel like a perth in the Japanese style and performance. The game «ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE» can come to the liking of not everyone, but still who decides to download it, he will fully enjoy the cool juicy graphics, strong voice acting in the oriental style and a long story.
Features of hacking:
- Your hero's damage has been greatly increased;
- Automatic win is enabled;
- The god mode is activated.