Guild of Heroes (endless improvements) apk mod

The Guild of Heroes is a real colorful RPG on an android with strong and brave heroes who are just waiting to go to meet dangers and adventures. You will have the opportunity to choose one of the three courageous heroes to fight the evil goblins, sinister sorcerers and huge powerful bosses. Learn to control the elements and learn all the magic to apply it in the most epic battles. Take in your hands a huge sword, a magic staff or a quick-firing bow to recover in the most interesting adventure.

The game "Guild of Heroes" is made in the best traditions of craft and transmits the whole atmosphere of the fictional Middle Ages, populated by dangerous monsters and powerful magicians. Here everyone can find his place and pave the way to fame and wealth. It is enough just to take the weapon in your hands and go to the deepest caves that can only be in this fairy-tale world. Become a living legend now!

Features of hacking:
- Automatically everything is unlocked;
- High rates for sale;
- Potions will not decrease;
- Potions will not decrease;
- Received free slots.