Android Game Unkilled Mod apk

Unkilled is another dynamic shooter for android, which was presented to us by the developers of the mega-popular Daed Triger 2. Here you will play for a mercenary military named Joe, 
who will perform perhaps the most difficult task - to clean the streets of New York from walking zombies. Do this you will be for very short levels, which will be divided into districts and there will be approximately three hundred. At the end of each of the districts the boss will wait for you, 
most likely it will be a huge and almost invincible zombie mutant. And of course you will use many types of weapons, among which you will definitely find your favorite.
In the foreground in the game "Unkilled" the developers put the schedule and not lost. It looks really very beautiful, because there are dynamic shadows, textured surfaces with full reflection and it all works in HD. 
The game was even crammed for NVIDIA Tegra X1 processors, where you can enjoy even more special effects and deep details of shadows. In general, a good zombie shooter came out, which exactly replicates the old Daed Triger

Dispatcher:  MADFINGER Games
Version Android: 4.1 and higher
Language: English,