Android Game Ocean Is Home Survival Island (endless money) Mod apk

Ocean Is Home Survival Island - this is the game that will get you to move to an uninhabited island, 
and make you feel all the horrors of survival in a wild and dangerous environment. You are waiting for an unforgettable experience, as well as a sea of ​​positive emotions, 
as in the game developers have made stunning landscapes, at the sight of which you find inner peace. Focus your attention on building a safe haven, because without it you can devour wild and terrible animals, 
and this ends your whole amazing story of survival. Feel for a moment "Robinson Crusoe", who day after day tried to return back to normal human life, and did everything necessary for this.
In "Ocean Is Home Survival Island" in order not to die of hunger and not become food of wild animals, you will have to go every day to find food, and very carefully calculate your resources. 
Explore new territories, make weapons, improve equipment, do everything necessary to stay alive, and quickly return home. In the game you can see excellent optimized graphics, as 
well as a good mechanics of survival on the island, which can not but please a lot of fans of this storyline. Try not to go mad with total loneliness, on this forgotten by God earth.

Features of hacking:
- Open a lot of money.
- Endless lives are available.
- Increased damage and radius.
- Increased speed.
- Available instant kraft.