Android game Hungry Shark Evolution Mod Apk

Hungry Shark Evolution - a sea puzzle in which you play for the most dangerous sharks in the world. Walk all the way with this amazing marine animal from birth to death. 
Start the game with a small shark and grow a large ten-ton shark out of it, which is literally nothing scary. 
In Hangury Shark Evolution you will see many marine life and an unlimited underwater world.

That the shark in the  rapidly growing and developing it needs a lot of food (small fish, turtles and other small creatures), but do not forget that in a huge water world full of dangers and enemies. 
During the game, you will meet other sharks who have entered foreign territory and need to be overcome in a bloody battle. 
When the shark grows a little you can attack from small boats to huge ships. The choice will be available to five fish predators (white shark, shark hammer and the rest). In each level, 
perform various combos to earn even more coins and find treasures, in the depths of the sea, getting stones. For all this it is possible to pump a pet, making it faster and stronger. As a bonus, you can buy a lot of interesting clothes and souvenirs :)

Features :
- As many as five sharks, for growing and hunting for food;
- Great world for research;
- Collect many treasures on the bottom;
- More than forty missions;
- Beautiful three-dimensional processing and voice acting;
- Integration of social. Network (Facebook).
Disaster:  Future Games of London
Android version: 2.3 and above