World of Warships Blitz 1.0.0 (lots of money)

World of Warships Blitz is an excellent action on android that will immerse you in the Second World War. Playing it you will feel like the captain of the cruiser and soaked in the spirit of an exciting sea battle. You will find steep graphics and realistic warships from the Second World War. The game takes place in the "7 on 7" battle mode with players from all over the world. The fight lasts 6 minutes and during this time you need to win, or unfortunately lose. You can pump your battleships and cruisers, or buy new ships, it is also possible to improve your weapons, different torpedoes, turrets and other weapons.


In the "World of Warships Blitz" so far three countries are available for which you can play, these are the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom, but in the next updates you are waiting for new countries. And also it is possible to manage not only battleships and cruisers, but even aircraft carriers, which gives us the opportunity to destroy enemy ships with support from the sky. Fight in this epic battle with your friends or just with casual players, improve your result and do not let your ship go to the bottom.


Features of Mod:

- Received a lot of gold and silver.