Tanktastic - 3D Tanks Online



After the release of the well-known computer game World of Tanks , the developers of mobile games also decided not to doze, and here the game development studio GHOR Corporation decided to please us with their new creation - Tanktastic - 3D Tanks online on Android. Immediately I'll warn you, the game is "online", you will play with real players of 16 in each battle. All battles will occur on realistically recreated territories, as well as there are many maps for the location of the battlefields. In terms of 3D graphics, everything is still perfect, because the game uses the graphics engine Unity, which in turn has a good effect on the optimization of the game. All tanks, locations, landscapes, even the process of shooting and ripping the shell is still quite realistic, looks on time for the game.

In the hangar you will expect 25 types of tanks from different countries, from light to heavy. So, starting the fight, you will be given the choice of the tank with the technical specifications that you need, after which you can start the fight, but before that, do not forget to create your fight or join already ready. Another feature of the game is the choice of the game mode: - command - all players are divided into equal teams, this mode is similar to the WoT mode, where you only need to shoot at enemy tanks; - Individual - each player plays for himself and there is no matter the enemy or friend.

Management in Tanktastic  for someone will be convenient, but for someone it's not very, but you'll have to get used to it. For aiming, you will need to draw a horizontal line from the tank to the tank, you will need to use the gestures to the right to the left in the right corner, in the right corner there is a button to open the "fire" and change the camera, in the left corner is a virtual joystick designed to control your combat vehicle.

So now it's up to you whether to play a novelty, earning in it gold coins and experience points for upgrading and acquiring new tanks or waiting for .

" href="http://tegra-market.com/igry/new-games-android/307-world-of-tanks-blitz-android.html">World of Tanks Blitz to come out  . Do not forget the game is constantly receiving new updates to the lineup of tanks and combat maps.

Dispatcher:  GHOR Corporation

Version of Android: 2.3 and higher

Language: English, Russian



Download for free:

The original version v2.3