Sniper 3D Assassin Mod Update

Become a professional sniper in the game Sniper 3D Assassin. You will have the opportunity to shoot with the most modern rifles in incredible conditions. Shooting in the game can be carried out from the roofs of houses, or from a helicopter or a moving jeep. The better you sharpen your mastery of the rifle, the more accurately you will hit the target at a huge distance. And for this you will be well rewarded with cash that you can spend on upgrading your barrel. In the game you will be available the largest modification of the rifles. On the lead favorite you can install a more voluminous store, increase the rate of fire, change the optical sight or add accuracy to the shots.


In Sniper 3D Assassin will be available many tasks for execution in the form of the release of hostages or the killing of large mafia bosses. The game is simply created for fans of firearms, because playing it is a pleasure. Here only here is not quite the usual control with the help of an accelerometer to which you need to get used. And as always for fans of "freebie", we laid out the hacked game for a large amount of money that appear after the first mission.



Disinfection:  Fun Games For Free

Version of Android: 2.3 and higher

Language: English



Download for free:

Mod (hacking for money) v2.20.1