Shadow Fight 2 on android is a continuation of the fighting game Mod

Shadow Fight 2 on android is a continuation of the fighting game, which won frenzied popularity in social networks, especially on Facebook (the game won over forty million players). This action-fighting game got improved graphics, many new techniques and even more enemies to be defeated in a shadow-covered battle. Your main task will be to train and win in hundreds of battles, returning the Samurai himself to his soul.



The game  Shadow Fight 2 received a good colorful graphics, although the graphics in it is made in 2D. Developed her studio Nekki, which became famous thanks to Parkour - Vector . To pass the level you need to defeat the enemy in two levels, at the completion of the draws - then there will be an additional third level. In combat, you can use throwing asterisks or chop katana, and many more weapons. Everything is limited only by your imagination. The biggest advantage in the game is a lot of combo techniques, and all the time you can learn new ones and use them in battle against the shadow.


"Shadowbox 2"  turned out to be an excellent fighting game , and it can be "cut" by hours against evil demons and samurai. HD graphics look beautiful, and the animation looks smooth and I need a good iron for processing. The game on android is easy for any age and sex.


- Continuation of the famous Facebook hit;

"Go through all six worlds;

- An excellent combination of RPGs and fighting;

- Fascinating and understandable gameplay, it's easy to understand;

- The motto of the game is "Quickly learn, hard to master."



All available methods of mod the latest version of the game Shadow Fight 2 v1.9.31

How to mod into crystals and money through  CreeHack  (for versions no higher than v1.7.0 ) ?  

1. Download the program:  CreeHack  (direct link).

2. Go to the application and activate it.

3. We open and buy money and crystals in any quantity for free.


How to hack into crystals - diamonds (without root rights) ?

1. You need to watch the video in the game, for the video you watched you get 1 crystal.

2. We leave the game, change the date in the settings to 1 day ago.

3. We go into the game and watch the video again - we get the crystal. 


How to get a lot of money (without root rights) ?

1. Be sure to turn off the Internet on your smartphone or tablet and delete the old version of the game.

2. Install the game mod and enjoy the freebie!


How to get a huge amount of enchantment in the game?

1. In order to be able to break into the enchantment, you must go through the "Hermit" act, defeat the boss and all bodyguards.

2. Then download the GameKiller program   (direct link) and install it. 

3. Go to the game store, where you will see how many enchants are already available to you.

4. Assume, let's say you have available x - green, y - red and z - purple chips (x, y, z - any of your values).

5. Enter into the GK search: xd, yd, zd (in order to be able to enter the value of "d", you need to open the expanded keyboard by activating the "⇑" symbol under the delete button).

6. Now click on the internal search and enter all the found values ​​of 2000000000 (without spaces).

7. If you fly out, you need to get a little more value and try again until it works out. 


How to mod through GameKiller (need root rights)? 

1. Download and install GameKiller  (direct link) .

2. Start the game.

3. We look, what prices for the goods in the internal shop.

4. In GameKiller we drive the cost of the desired product.

5. Change the number found to the opposite number (for example "-777").

6. We buy the right product and get 777 currencies. 


How to mod a level through GameKiller (need root permissions)? 

1. Download and install  GameKiller (direct link) . 

2. Run GK and the game.

3. At the top you can see two indicators "the experience / experience you have accumulated, which you need to dial up to the next level".

4. Driving in GK is the number that you need to type to the next level by selecting the DWORD type.

5. Must find a few values ​​that need to be changed to the desired number, but necessarily a little more than the number you need (the higher your level in the game, the greater the chance of hacking it to the next level).

6. Successful hacking!


How to mod into crystals through Freedom ( works on older versions of the game )?

1. Download the Freedom  application  (direct link) .

2. Go to Freedom and select the desired game.

3. In the toy simply select any chest in the store and buy for virtual money.

4. All purchases are free of charge !!!



 Download for free: